Saturday, August 8, 2009

a Happy Sabbath, for shure:]

today: wass super fun!
haven't had such a fun filled Sabbath in a while, from start to finish, that is;] but today was fun:] we had a whole new schedule for sabbath skool today, so we had some breakfast at church and disscussed our lesson:] then after sabbath skool was finished parker's fat body nearly sufficated the life outta me [note to self: never try to wrestle a guy with heels and a dress on, you'll embarrassingly loose lol] the sermon was sweet, "Jesus is looking for orphans, not fair weathered friends" then took a 2hr nap and went to the park wit koby! went running for bout 20mins and took some photos:] and surprisingly enough we saw an old elementry freind, Doug A:] did some remincsing and ooh good times:] before we left, we handed out some guides to the kids there so that they can read on their free time:] then we headed off to the church social and helped sold corndogs uptill bout 9pm and boyy was that hecktect, but it was worth it:] the corndogs we're yummy and the slushies were refreshing:] wat a good day:] i hope u guys all have a Happy Sabbath today! enjoy this last full week of summer! :D

tomorow: will be busyyy!
hopefully all goes well:]

ps: ill put some pictures from todays happenings too, but not rite now cuz im too lazy lol

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"too bad"

sometimes i wish i hadn't made the "wrong" descion...iono

well on the good note, i finally got new glasses! yay!!
and i started "Steps to Christ" yesterday evening:] its already amazing<33

stay hydrated guys and don't forget to put on some sunscreen:D


Monday, August 3, 2009

"calamansi juice"


  1. had a convo on aim, for the first time in a while
  2. found the chucks i want for skool:D
  3. went youtoobing and watched demi lovato and selena gomez's videos lol
  4. 17more days till SEN10R year begins
  5. made calamansi juice, freshly squeezed w/ honey:]
  6. looked through old pictures[memories:)]
  7. tried remixing mjsongs again, but failed
  8. watched tha end of narnia on disney


  1. mall?
  2. hangouts?
  3. a call from an old friend?

maybee we'll see, im bored.

miss 'em<3