Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"You're Lucky"

seriously. :]



Monday, September 27, 2010


Dear summer of 2010,
you were more than amazing to me. you provided me with PLENTY of rest/ sleep/ and FOOD. you gave me time wit my friends and family. you helped me grow and learn so much more about myself. summer, youu were one of the best ive EVER had.
in June: i graduated, partied at gradnight, congrats ate, bought the love of my life Eppi, partied at VBS, began my birthday week, and learned how to be rebellious thanks to earl. the start of summer adventures. priviledges taken. July: became legal, went all over soCal, partied at hometown buffet with crazy friends, yogurtlicious happenings, tokbox, skype, ichat, skim boarding, mother's healthy diet & gym fever, "I knew the kinda guy _____ kinda was. and I knew the kinda girl you were, and kinda...liked the girl you were." Despicable Me, boba tea house, feel good CD #4, permit, "Meet My Halfway" repeats at random places, threading, wheat grass, first visit to market night, broddi's hanging out at hulda, happy birthday pops, lsu orientation, and getting lost in ontario mills. August: shopping and dressups, thirft store, corndogs & campmeeting setup, dinner wit Napods, BBQ at vgardens, silverwood lake, reunited after 10years, taibo & hiphop abs with mommy, DJ plaza feats, no more lla first day for me, rowland heights wit mah girl, happyness in a bowl, 828.10, Josephine's Bistro at Cerritos, DJ plaza wit mah girl for the last time, stickypicky, Gerry's Grill wit mom, pops, and ate. first date surprise, finally September: last Sabbath wit mah girl, partied at her uncles crib, locked outta my own place wit mah boo, happy birthday bro, goodbye PUCs and ms. bakersfield, byebye grillz, ignite, azn convocation, easy A, birthday party, riverside fail, macaroni grill, joanne's, moon rising...Goodbye summer, you have been oh so good to me. thank you Jesus for giving my summer of 2010, it was truly ONE OF A KIND. :D

Dear Fall,
i have officially started my first day at lsu. it was pretty chill, considering the fact that im only taking 12units haha i honestly believe i can do alot more but i gotta juz follow my adivors' words:] i like it like this tho cuz im not tooo stressed out yet, ease into it ready and breezy fasho:] but Fall, please don't fail me..tho i am bak into my books, may it be a fun learning experiece:] i honestly don't kno what to expect o.O Dear Jesus, i ask for you to please lead and guide me in this new chapter of my life. May your life cover mines and i hope and pray everyday that others may see you thru me, especially on this new campus. take control, ima juz follow you:]


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"Hi shane!"

Highlights of my Day:
1. TJ's friend saying hi to mee:] [i'm so flattered!]
2. Janitor friend from highschool scarring my mom, "GOOD MORNING!" from behind the pillar, thinking that it was mee! ROLF
3. Running into Pancho, Ian, and their friend at Tyler:D

though these past two days have been rocky, God still manages to bring a smile on my face, love you bro!

Dear Jesus,
i'm sorry again for what i've been doing..slacking/forgetting/rebelling. thank you for waking me up and putting me bak on track..bak into reality. please forgive me and my messed up self, im sorry=\. give me a new heart/mind and may your life cover mines. ilove you cuz you never give up on me..thankyou so muchh..ilove you soo.



Monday, September 20, 2010


its 12:12 right now and im still up...i have a gap in my stomach and im in a blehh mood. -___-

to sum it all up, today was not my day..from start to finish.

but its aiitee, we all have em downer days, it'l be fine.

count it all joy, right Jdawg?

Payce blogspot.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

"Good Morning"

pssshh, YEAH RITE.


perfect way, to wake up to reality huh? cinderella much? haha we'll at least i got my prince:]
but seriously tho, once skool starts..thas it. no more of this. its college now.

lemme enjoy my last week of summer 2010.

Last bits of enjoyment i wanna do:

1. late night walks
2. hang out at michaels and brainstorm ideas for christmas
3. update clothing styles (no more truegrits!!)
4. one more summer night adventure
5. star gaze picnic
6. threshold
7. chickflicks with mama
8. skim tha waves
9. ABC store hangout
10. library hangout
11. learn to tut
12. Irvine/Rowland Heights feast
13. Dance in the moonlight

what i NEED to do before 9/27:
1. buy textbooks
2. add one more class
3. be mentally prepared (no more summer mode)

happy sunday everyone!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

"Just The Way You Are"

even when you're siick, you still make an effort to see me and make me smilee extraa:]
**don't worry booboo once i start driving, ill be tha one visiting youuu, especially when ur siick! take turns, ya kno? :]

Dear Jesus,
i kno you're prolly siick of hearing me say this but thank you SO much for him:] he is all that ive talked to you about and all that ive asked you for, so thank you:]


post script: i still can't belive he's mine:]
note to self: shane, you are one crazzy luckky girl:]


Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Doc: "Good job, you did good. you're getting them off!"
Me: "my braces??! AHHHHHH!!

i literally yelled in my chair! hands up and everything!! i wanted to give my doc a huuge hug before i left but he was seriousing out, oh well lol maybe next week wen im all bleached and retainered, i can take a picture wit him! :D i feel so FREE and SLIPPERY! im soooo happpy, yall don't even kno! i can go run a mile right now! ahhhh buuump up tha feel good musiiick!! getting my braces off seirously like made my year. can't believe its been a year...haha i remember when i got them on! it was september 24, 2009. i remember becuz i had to speak for morning worship at skool and then everyone noticed even when i was tryin to hid em throughout my whole talk;D but its literally all worth it! i can't wait to chew gum! i haven't eaten gum for a year!! sugar free baby!! and eat corn without worrying and taking our cleaning it outta my grillz:D and now i can floss under 45min!! :DD im SO HAPPY, i prayed so hard to get em off today and when i heard tha doc say yes, i was like 'THANK YOU JESUS" HAHAH im so happy! ahhh i feel normal now, liek how it use to bee;] i can smile, without feeelin insecuree!! HAHAH maynnn i feel goooood:D i literally have been smiling all dayyyy, ive been smiling so much that my cheeks hurt lol ahhh ima be sleeping wit a smile on my facee:]


ps: ms. victoria says "hi!!" from skype lol



Monday, September 13, 2010


its funny how we do all we can to NOT mess up. how people expect SO much for us, and then when we fail, its like the end of the world for them. its like once u messed up, you messed up forever. gayy. i kno God says, to "be perfect, as your Heavenly Father is perfect" but its hard, not gon' lie. cuz once u mess up, its as if everyone is watching you and then points at you..sucks. but you kno what, im NOT perfect. and i can live wit that :] God knows we're not and is there to forgive and help us bak up. so its okay, as long as u learn and grow from it:] thanks Jdawg. please help me juz look to you and no one else < 3


"2 weeks"

its gon' speed... speed like speed racer.

why am i feeling like this?? ughhh, go away. blehblahbluhh!!
shane, STOP remincing.

change the song. change it. CHANGE IT.
but i cant, its a good song...a good SAD song...
wthe duck shane. change it. ahhghhh. go to s l e e p

you gotta get up in the morning..busy day ahead.

oh good the songs done. hah.

woow, waddup wit the low songs?

oops, maybe i shouldnt have done that..

time is fast.

do i dare to visit it?? jsojaliveoamiovjps


you kno wat? im living a better life. i am content, i am happy, geniuely. no need to compare. i feel better than ever. SO much better. i won't forget, i juz learned. so thankyou again:]

why do i blog? no one even reads these lol w/e i likee writing random stuff and happenings about my life:]

woow, talk about moodswing.

just go to sleep shane, lol

okayy lol

ps: one day ima write a book based off my life story...or direct a movie based of my happenings in my life...it'd beat titanic and avatar! haha!

Dear Jesus,

bet your tha only one who really cares. lol thank you<3


Sunday, September 12, 2010

"Aloha for Now"

it is exactly a year ago since we hit the warm waves of Lake Havasu..back when we were rooting on our sen10r year, back when we were all tight..bak when we we're all ballin..its hitting me, slowely but surely. this is it. goodbyes. when we hangout again, will it be the same again?? ouch. well, i wish you all goodluck andd please don't change too much in college. may God lead you all, i love you guys..be safe.

LOVE, shane

Friday, September 10, 2010

"13th year"

my bro is about to become a T E E N A G E R.
wow, now i really gotta brace myself. brace myself for dramatic stories, rebellious attitudes, and complete emotional moodswings. LOL i kno and remember exactly how i acted bak in the day. always on my fone, my room only belonged me and my life, and my family was at the bottom of my list. yup. i was prettty selfishh bak in jr.high. haha. but then again, i learned and turnaround once i reached highskool:] i wish my bro the best and the happiest on his dayy! ilove you bro, no matter how annoying or complaints you give me<3 my prayer for you is to always remember to talk to Jdawg and keep him at the center of your life. Continue to grow up to be the sweet and caring bro that i kno and love. though you may be surpassing me in height and obtaining gorgeous looks lol, to me, you'll always be MY little brother, ilove you mungtung<3


Thursday, September 9, 2010

"Work Hard"

today i was watching one of my TFC soap operas [don't hate] lol and one of the main characters was about a man that had 6 siblings with him being the oldest. Their parents died when they were all young, leaving him incharge of the family. because of lack of money, he never finished skool. So he made it his goal for his siblings not to copy him, but to have a better life [finishing skool] inorder to put food on the table and for each kid to go to skool, he had to work 6 jobs, a job per kid. janitor, seller, driver, etc. his perseverance and good heart was all so inspiring...i felt it. i could feel him. i kno wat he's goin thru, but his being 29080x more worse. i kno what it's like to have pressure, to be counted on, to be looked up to, to have all eyes watching you. i guess tha reason why im so in awe of this character is becuz i can relate so much. we hardworkers, never give up, especially for those we love and care about. we will do just about anything to live up to their expectations. we set goals and we get tha mindset to reach them. we hardworkers kno what it means to persevere..so ya'll please don't bag on us. "you never go out" "you never hang out wit us" "you're always busy" "you always clean. you find something to do. everything always have to be perfect. you always work. work, work, WORK. you are a w o r k a h o l i c." why cant yall juz be happy..supportive..encouraging?? shoot.

God, i kno they are just words...but they still kinda hurt.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Do Workk"

sept 9: be safe at bakersfield sis=\
sept 11: Happy Birthday bro<3
sept 15: Ortho at 10:30am & Deadline for financial clearance
sept 21: BTW at 1pm
sept 22&23: IGNITE
sept 24: Tj's ortho at 1pm
sept 27: First day of studying. -____-
sept 28: <3


Sunday, September 5, 2010

"Chemistry & Religion Department"

You know you miss someone when you start having dreams of them...


Thursday, September 2, 2010

"To MY SISTER from another MISTER!!"


i am sooo blessed to have u as one of my besstessststt!!! enjoy your day cuz you deserve EVERY bit of happyness!!! iloveeee you!!