Friday, July 30, 2010


just when you think you have everything straightened out...
just when you think you have everything planned out...
just when you think you have all your standards set up...
just when you think nothing can stand in your way...
just when you think you'll never be "happy" again...
just when your about to give up...
just when you....

this has reallly beeen, an UNEXPECTING summer.

i kinda don't wannt it to end.

Good day and Happy Sabbath folks,


Monday, July 26, 2010

"One Month"

i only got ONE more month to enjoy this summer.
wow, its gone by sooo fastt and next thing you kno, ima be bak with my faced stuffed in textbooks and im prettty sure that the library will become my home...iono my orientation is this weeek. im exicted and iono wat to expect haha iono im still mentally preparing myself for this new academic chapter in my life..the pressure is on. i canNOT let my parents down, i canNOT let myself down. "let it be an inspiration, not a distraction" something that my mom had been repeating to me lately. haha iono well ill worry bout that later! i still got one more month:] like seriously, this summmer has been one of the most exciting summers ive had, i love it! so far, so good^___^

lemme back track to my summmer list from june:

-figure out my life (college wise) *CHECK
-serve in church *CHECK
-get a JOB
-get mah grillz off!
-get my license, officially.

-get back in shape *in the making
-skim the waves *CHECK
-june 20 *CHECK
-july 4 *CHECK
-july 21 *CHECK
-july 25 *CHECK


-lsu orientation this week
-TrueJay's registration on august 10
-book sale wit kyle sometime in august
-plans with grandpa in the pI
-august 2, behind-the-wheel

hmm still got a bit to do:]

enjoy the rest of yo summer bloggers!
do something out of the ordinary, like trying wheat grass! lol


Wednesday, July 21, 2010


i officially want a glow-stick minion!! ^___^
Despicable Me was a cute movie, made me feel warm and fuzzy inside:] haha so haha i don't kno where to starttt haha all i can say is that i've forgotten wat it felt to feel this way:] im happy. :] im praying that this will keep going, if God permits:]

so far, so good:]

peace and love homies! night:]


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"Let go and just enjoy the show"

today was pretty chill:]

NOTE TO SELF: don't let the past be your present, your future.


sorry New Kid's On the Block, but chinese food don't make me siick;D

Monday, July 19, 2010


and ill make SURE that it won't EXPIRE again!!!


kay ima go workout all my high energy now, PEACE and LOVE homies!


Sunday, July 18, 2010

"off guard"

so far, summer's beeennn surprising.

its pretty exciting actually, not really expecting anything..and wehn u least expect it, her/him/they shows up and can totally turn a day so much more better:]

ima juz LET IT FLOW;]
and take things as they come my wayy
*i think im likin this new mindset:] thanks buh & earl<3

alrite, peace and love bloggers! stay hydrated and rested!


let's webcam, its funn:]

Wednesday, July 14, 2010



Friday, July 9, 2010

"everyone deserves a chance"

it seeems likee i gave everyone a chance, the chance to "make me happy". but every person that i came into contact wit, seemed to always let me down. that "happyness" was only temporary. im getting real siick of putting all my hope on someone just to kno i was to be let down, again. im siick of the feeling of disappointment and empty promises. im not saying that it was a waste of time, it wasn't. i miss it, sometimes. i learned from you, honestly. but sometimes i wish i knew the future, so that i can save myself from all the hurt. and yet, i still believe in this four letter word called, love. why? i don't kno. i guess its cuz im still hanging onto this word by a verrrry thin thread. but inspite of all my opinons bout this word, i still hope for my prince charming. maybe he's still out there, ill meet him someday or i've already met him...i juz never gave him the chance. i blew him off before even letting him try...or i was juz scared...maybe this person is do i kno? i never even gave him a chance. i was so dumb to realize this mistake 4 months later..i guess i was juz looking out for what was best for everyone, for me..juz cuz it was "senior year". now i see it, i was blinded by someone else. someone who i THOUGHT had it. someone who i saw potential. i believed in you, but you let me down. becuz of you, i didn't see him cuz i was too blinded by you. but ima fix this. this time, its my turn. hopefully, you'll give me tha chance i never gave you. it doesn't hurt to try rite? if all else fails, at least i can leave saying, "i did my part, at least i tried."