Sunday, August 29, 2010


there really is a first for everything huh?
but second is always the best right?? haha sometimes? you kno, "first the worst, second the best" :] maynn i never thot that i would be doing these things againn and this time is fo real..not for banquet..not for juz you kno 'good times'..this is legit. :] all i can sayy ive never been happier. im glad we prayed, really I do:] let's give our relationship to Him and let Him be the center of it so that all will turn out good:] haha after 3 nights of planning and "rehersing", im SO glad that everything happened well:] it juz fell into place, everything happened close to perfect:] and then to close the day with another parent HS reunion that brought us together a year ago? couldn't have asked a better wayyy to make things really official, especially infront of the whole restaurant. lol

828.2010, thas wusssup:]


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"Por Favor"

please don't get on my nerves...
i already have enough to worry bout-____-


Friday, August 20, 2010

"James 1: 2-4"

don't u wish that you can always be happy? that nothing can stand in your way...that it will always be like this? haha i wish. but i kno that whenever theres a high, there's gon' be a low...and sometimes that's not such a bad idea. becuz we'll never grow. yeah it'd be the best thing in the world if we never cried, went thru pain but how would we ever become stronger ppl if we never went thru this? so i learned to thank God for the trials, the problems. cuz without it, i wouldnt be the person i am today. I am so much stronger and wiser and more faithful to my bestfriend up there. and thru it all, God never left me so it made things to much better. i learned to lean on him and throw all my junk at His feet to take care of. and when things are good, i thank God that all is good, even if it was juz for a dayy. my wish and hope is that ppl all over will realize that there's still hope. its always gon' be bad like this..however, its only temporary. tho ur frends mite not be there, tho ur family is against you, tho it seems like it can't get any worse, there is still one person who will never leave you. i kno for a fact. if you haven't met Him yet, then ooh your missing out. Meet my bestfriend, His name is Jesus.

ps: ima be doing a weekly thankful list, ithnk itll help me become more content:]

this week, im thankful for:

1. scripture & dad
3. koby
4. edelyn
5. chris


Thursday, August 12, 2010

"Feeeeel Goood"

i feeeel amazingly G R E A T


10hour of shuteye
bumpin jamz

Dear Jesus,



Monday, August 9, 2010

"Dating at ZERO"

**this pretty much sums it up:]


Thursday, August 5, 2010



that was the IT social networking website. haha
i was reading thru all my past inbox messages and it was reallllly interesting wat i found, who i talked to, and wat was being sent/received. haha it was all very interesting yet embarrassing at the same timee..i could've deleted alot of things such as certain pictures or messages, but they were all too valuable to delete. maybe one day when all is well and friendly again...we'll see:] it was nicee seeing those pictures again, though i was laughing and missing them goodtimes. it reminded me of how it used to be, kina miss _____. but those days are gone, along with other stuff that you gave me. now time to start anew, cuz i think im close to ready:]


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"thas wussup!"

matt: i mean we try to show love but we too need 2 experience it ya
girl: God wants us to happy
to be loved
thas why He died for us
so that we maybe happy
and cuz HE loves us
and wants US to love him
like he did

matt: yes
girl: like that song

matt: we should follow his example he gave his all
he gave his love for us being an example
meaning that in order to be happy we should b serving others 3 person principle
1st Jesus, God, Holy Spirit, 2nd Others 3rd Yourself

girl: BAM
there's my answer

matt: thats what the relationship is for u jus can't recieve it you have to show it our relationships with people is like our relationship with God if we neglect others we are kind of negleciting God u get my drift


Dear Girl,

don't be afraid. its your turn. your turn to be taken care of. its your turn to be loved. you've poured our heart for others, only to make them happy..but wat about you? we want you to be happy too. stop trying to makes others happy, when your not. yes you enjoy making others happy, but don't forget that you have a heart too. you need the same kind of love. if all else fails, we are right behind you to pick u up. just remember, you've been asking for this so now that its infront of you don't let them walk away. you say you want this, but once you have it you tend to bak away, so juz stop and remember. we will help you, so don't worry. you got this, you kno what you want, so do it.

Love, yo bros

Sunday, August 1, 2010


"i got my mind of my money, money on my mind"
waddup pDiddy?

i hate how we need money to survive in this world.

hmm but then i have to keep reminding myself that money will never be problem..that God will provide. He always does. Proverbs 3: 5, 6

Dear Jesus,

h e l p, we all need you.