Monday, December 14, 2009

Dear you,

i encourage you to...

Love God like you love your boy/girlfriend, family, and friends. Love God like you would meet up with everyday. Love God with your whole heart. Love God like how He loves you. Give your all to Him. Let His love flow in you. Allow His love to teach you how to love others. Imitate His Love.
Love like it was your first time. Love like it was your first impression. Love like you've never been rejected before. Love like you've never been hurt before. Love even though it may seem like there's no use. Love even if it hurts. Love so you can forgive. Love so you can move on. Allow Love to happen.
Love all. Love when its hardest. Love when your patience is at its lowest. Love even when it doesn't make sense. Love even when you're annoyed. Love even tho you have finals week. Love even when you are stressed. Let Love settle arguments. Allow Love to flow, don't hold any back. Love like how you want to be loved. Love those to insult you. Love those who gossip and lie about you. Love those who make fun of you. Love those who call you names. Love those to talk behind your back. Love those who hurt you. Love those treat you wrong. Love those who dislike you. Love those who don't even know you. Give Love when you have nothing else to give. Let Love be your action.

Dear Jesus, let your Love flow in each one of us. Teach us how to Love. Thank You. In your name we pray, Amen.


ps: you should read CrazyLove by Francis Chan.