Monday, June 28, 2010


after all morning and coming a juz a click away to booking a flight, it all turns downhill-_________________-
a trip to HAWAII would've been the BEST birthday gift=\

an alternative?
-seaworld, universals studios, malibu, and goofy's kitchen.

it'll do:]

ilove my parents no matter what<3


Sunday, June 27, 2010

"In spite of"

in the midst of:


*God still reminds us that He's still there<3
today, He reminded me thru a beautiful butterfly:]



words cannot explain how blessed and grateful i am to be apart of this past the wonderful week:]
this will be one of my highlights of this summer fosho
i will miss you team MEDINET EL-FAYUM!
may God lead in your life as you all will grow into beautiful teens&adults, ilove you<3

<3ate shanee

Thursday, June 24, 2010


my teeth are HURTING.
these rubberbands are something. I didn't think i'd feel this much pain! i can barely open my mouth, its hurts soo bad. but doc said that depending on how often i wear em will determine how much longer i have to my grillz. all this pain, better be worth it. haha so today was kina weird. i was pretty bummed cuz half of my kids didn't show up to vbs today=\ i hope that they all come tomorw, cuz its tha closing. well ima hit tha sheets a bit early, no summer adventures for me tonite lol

PEACE bloggers!

summer night buddy:]
you should join us next time:D

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"My ONLY Hope"

i hate you.
you cause ALL my problems.
why did you have to exist?
you make my heart break.
you make my tears falls.
you ruin everything.
i hate you.

but you kno what? I still have hope. im not gon' let you bring me down. nothing you say or do is gon' leave me hopeless. i am gon' grow and learn from this. ill become a better person from this, so i should actually be thankful, hah. i got someone bigger than you, so you besta watch it cuz He's coming very very soon.

you got nothin' on this,

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


you kno, why would anyone wanna become a billionaire? all this stuff is only temporary...yeah its nice to get what you want, have the nicest car, and wear tha latest fashion..but can u really wear all that and have ur pockets stuffed with green cash, when knowing that tha majority of the world is fighting and would do juz about anything to survive? hmmm juz a thot...

Highlight of my day: Instead of saying a prayer during our family time, unexpectedly and without hesitation, my kids began to yell out, "I love Jesus!" or "I love Jesus too!". Hearing these words and seeing their genuine faces glow, juz bootesd me up is a huge way.

i was truly blessed today, thank you kids.
you all were my "God Sighting" today :]


"Just Keep Swimming" -Dori

wow so i guess i can say that today was a pretty "emotional" day...
you kno when Jesus says to Love your enemies and what not? how come its so easy to say, yet so HARD to do? its like you read and learn about it, but once tha oppourtunity is at hand, its so difficult to face it and so you find the easiest way out and that is to juz run away and do the opposite..but you kno what? i realized that is waht it really means to be a c-h-r-i-s-t-i-a-n. To actually put what you learn and read about to action. you kno? "walk the talk" today was one of those days, and this is not tha first time. But as these situations keep creeping up me outta nowhere, it gets harder to detect and easy to give in, instead of being strong and the better person. But as long as i keep Him as my example, then all is good rite?

despite all the disappointments and killjoys, there were things that managed to make my day:]


Monday, June 21, 2010

"Apple, Eppol, Eppi"

june 18, 2010<3
my first laptop, my first love;D

it was a tough decision to convert from PC to Mac, so i juz hope my money is WORTH it. please don't FAIL me, Eppi. Don't crash, burnout, or anything like that lol. Now that i got my macbook, i am mentally preparing myself for college. i KNO it will be difficult, i KNO it will be even more draining, but hey "don't worry" rite? summer has JUST begun:D

upcoming events:
1. VBS! im sooo excited! haven't done one since sophomore year bak at my old church haha glad to be apart of lluc:]
2. Rubberbands this wednesday? PLEASE, so i can finish up already!
3. Dana Point after ortho? PLEASE.

currently pondering:

-continue to be apart of leadership for "Afternoon Tea" vs. only Sabbath School Leader
-LSU vs. pI
-love vs. failure &disappointment

alrite, goodnite blogspot, until next time!
take it easy bloggers:]


Friday, June 18, 2010

Shorts, Tanks, Sand, Shades, and BUMPIN Music!

SUMMER has officially kicked in in my household:D
hello to late nights, movies, hangouts, shoppings, and birthdays!

so far, so good:]
*GRADUATION was beautiful
*GRAD NITE was one my most FUNNEST happenings

wat else to do?
-figure out my life (college wise)
-serve in church
-get a JOB
-get mah grillz off!
-get my license, officially.
-get my 13in SONY VAIO<3
-get back in shape
-skim the waves
-june 20
-july 4
-july 21
-july 25

enjoy yo summer!
let's hang and be frends:D


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"Count On Me" by Bruno Mars

Dear You,

The last week of my Higschool life will forever be unforgettable. Our last senior vespers was seriously amazing. I don't think i've ever felt so much love & tears flowing around through each person. And as graduation crept closer and closer, i realized that time was running out. It was bittersweet. Bitter, cuz i WANTED to leave, i was DONE. it was sweet, cuz i kno i will miss ALOT of the ppl that i grew up with and who i met along tha wayy. It didn't hit me until tha next day after all the busyness was over. I realized i will never see these ppl every day, even if it was juz short hellos or during passing periods. the jokes will never be same..tha conversations will never be tha samme.. That was it. IT happened soo fast. Highschool will be unforgettable for shore. It was a place where i grew up, and i think LLA did fulfill their job in nailing in the ESLRS in me, haha. God: highschool was a place where i found you and got to kno you soo much better, i developed a much deeper relationship with you. Thank you for never leaving me, even when i startd to doubt, thank you for being the only hope in my life. I give ALL my accomplishments to you, I love you. Family: though i made a school family, there is no other family that i'd rather be apart of than my own. Thank you for putting up with my busy schedules and stressful actions. And thank you for all your support and encouragement, i wouldn't accomplished anything if it werent for you, i love you. Teachers: you have stood up as my school parents. thank you for teaching me how to live and make wise decisions. Thank you for all the advice and for ALL the encouragement. i will truly miss each one of your smiling faces. i love you. Friends: my girls, my guys, my faves. we've grown up so much and though we may have our differences and may have drifted away thru tha years, but i kno we will still be friends til the end. Thank you for your "check ups" on tha boys, advices, and goodtimes. i love you.

*I kno this is not the end, cuz i kno that i will see you all again someday. Remember to Keep Jesus close at heart, becuz HE is the key to true happyness in life:]

shanee Q