Thursday, December 30, 2010


December-January of 2010: My year in Kodaks

2010 is juz about done. it will be gone with the good and the bad. its crazy how alot can happen within a year..but overall, i gotta say that 2010 was swell. Definately a year ill remember:] Deuces 2010, you were good to me so thanks:]

New Years Resolution?

To LOVE as God loves.

Here's to 2011!
make it ballin, cuz only you can make your day go better:]


Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Directions: Write definitions to ALL the words on the list; Write a story using TEN of the words.

Here's the story:
"There once was a couple who had deep adulation for eachother. Just the way they talked to eachother showed how much they cared for eachother. They cleaved to one another, vowing never to leave eachother. It is as if they are coalesce..unbreakable. Though there maybe things that enervate their lives, they manage to be strong, extract all the problems and move on. They are not the generic, the typical everyday couple. They are a very unique and special pair, that only they can understand. They are not spurious but true and geniune to one another. Their love for eachother is precocious and deeper than any movie, book can portray. They are a perfect example for young people, young couples. It ramificates inspiration and perserverance for others to follow. Their life is full of happyness not one bit of arid, only happyness."

i usually write stories about random fun things, like adventures or juz plain fictional fantasy stories..but for this assignment i juz felt like writing about something..something that could relate to ppl..relationships. i guess this is the ideal..impossible to such thing..the ideal relationship..

or is it?

it could happen.
and if it does, don't let go of eachother..but keep going, cuz you both are put together by God for a reason. and tho that reason may be unclear now, trust God that he has a plan..


oh God, help me out.



dot. dot. dot.