Saturday, January 8, 2011

"Game Plan?"

over years, ive always tried to take control of my life. ive always tried to layout every single thing and expect it to happen..but slowly i learned that things don't turn out the way we plan it to be..God truly has His ways, His plans..i mean its good to have an outline, but if it's in God's will happen..i guess what im trying to sayy is nothing is permanent. things WILL i guess tha game plan for this new year is to really let go, and let God. lately, im been struggling about what God wants in my life..where does He want me to go, to do..honestly, i feel as if im drifting away from God..and that is the worse thing that anyone can feel. I don't feel as close to Him as i use to=[ maybe my descision to "bak off" and turn down wasn't the right one..maybe these were other opporturnities that God was handing to me..i juz didn't take it..and in result, this feeling, this empty feeling.

**edit: i think i juz needa surrender. re-evalute. restart. redue. and BE better.
note to self: stop "experimenting" you know where ur supposed to be, so do it.

Dear Jesus,

im sorry for slacking..putting you asidee..i am ashamed, guilty. I am soo sorry..please take me backk..give me another chancee..please make me new and back to youu.

in Your name,