Friday, July 31, 2009

"blame it on the boogie"-mjj

we NEED to start practicing.

Monday, July 27, 2009

"summer thinkin"

summers' been very good to me. i can actually say that i had a good-well rested summer:] considering tha fact that i live closer to my friends now and that makes everything much better:D but ive come to that time wen i start gettin all "sentimental" about life and relationships. now that im a senior, i really needa kno what i want to do inorder to make my last year, the best. i don't wanna waste my last year because i kno that life after higschool, is your future. for real. so senior year is seriously my last time ill actually enjoy skool. all i kno is that ima juz be stuck at home and studyin my butt off in college, so mite as well make the best of highskool before reality hits rite? but before senior year starts, i wanna have my mind set. how do i want to be seen as? what kind of person do i want the underclassmen to remember, to look up to? should i enjoy every minute of being a rebellious senior and or continue to be the "goody and studious" girl? juz some questions thats been passing thru my head everytime i go to bed...i kno i want my senior year to be fun and exciting but i also want it to be a time of growing and maturing. hmm...crazzy stuff. well only time can tell. i guess rite now ill juz go by the saying that my mom says, "grab the opportunity when its offered to you" when someone invites you to a lil shin dig, go for it! juz don't do anything you'll regret. i can deal wit that, for now i guess:]


ps: is blogspot tha new "xanga"? haha

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"I love you more"-MJJ

the words he'd reply to those who told him they loved him. I grew up on Michael Jackson's music. I remember every time we'd have to clean the house, my dad would turn up the music and play our "Dangerous" album of Michael Jackson. and as i matured and grew up, Michael Jackson's songs would always be on our playlists for parties or juz for crusin' in our cars. i soon began watching his videos and itching to be like him. [ i even made a music video in 8th grade, haha] those who came to my birthday party, saw that i hate that in his last days people judged him for lies that the media made him up to be. but if you really knew his heart, you would kno that it was full of love for all he met. He made it on the guines book of record as "the Pop Star who supports the most charity organizations" Michael Jackson has made a great impact in the world. He taught the world through his music and actions. To care for those who are dying, to help those who are worse than you, and to make a change, by first changing yourself. He has been a huuuge inspiration to all. He deserves every bit of honor today. He will be missed greatly but his music and dance moves lives forever. This is for him, this day for the greatest musician, composer and choregrapher there is in history, for him, Michael Jackson.