Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Chin Up

there are juz somethings we cannot answer...

why does ________ have to happen?
how come________exists?
why doesn't_______just go away?

many questions that we truly don't have answer to but know this, Jesus is coming soon and I believe it with all my heart, soul, and mind that He is coming. Now's not the time to be doing what we want, but in dedication to Jesus. Let's grow in our experiences and learn from our mistakes. Let's move on to the future and use the past to help us along the way. The clouds may be covering our view but if you squint real hard, you will see that the sun is shining and that sun is Jesus. He will take care of you and will never leave you. Kaitlin Pham has truly blessed us in many ways whether we know her personally or not. Her fighting spirit has inspired me and many of the ppl who have heard her story. She will truly be missed by all the people who love her. This is not the end because we will see her and all our loved ones again. We will see them up where only love exists. Jesus is coming soon too take us up to live with Him forever. Up where there is no more death, sorrow, or pain. No more tears, No more heartaches[Rev. 21:4]. And that is where I put my hope in, there IS a better life and that life is only found in the hope of Jesus Christ.
Be strong guys, just like kaitlin was and let's be there for eachother.