Monday, November 8, 2010


im tired of this.

i juz want a break.
i juz want things to be bak to tha norm.

yesterday was juz hard..painful. seeing you outside the window..being juz a wall was hard, tho i didn't really show it.

still, explaining what happened over and over, pictures being reshown, questions being asked and answered, false accusations.
i kno i should be thankful, and i very much am. "it's a miracle that you guys are okay" i believe it 100%. however now im bak to reality, walking and bak in school. its not fun being absent in college. 1st day of work drained me out..ehh maybe i should'nt have went bak todayy cuz im dead tiredd. felt like collapsing..ehh i gotta suck it up. for school, family..myself. blehh. can it juz be vacay already??

breathe. sleep. rest. chill. vacation, please. im in suchh a 'blehh' mood..maybe i juz need relax..

Dear Jesus,

help me to juz chill. let go, and give it to youu



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